WBA is the nonprofit organization and I am contributing as part time volunteer. A challenge for the WBA is to set up the South Asian Region. This region has 1.8 billion inhabitants, is one of the fastest growing aviation regions (+6%) and has specific wildlife species and conservation issues. Therefore, a separate WBA Region South Asia (WBA-SA) has been felt by WBA Board.

Airport Bird/wildlife Strike Hazard Assessment and raise awareness for aviation safety and sustainability program of Capacity Building International Network (CBIN) in partner with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAA Nepal)



Follow up, River cleaning campaign along with Bagmati Corridor and Manahara River belt close to TIA and Environmental sanitation in the Kathmandu Metropolitan city ward 7, 8, 34, 35 and Pokhara Metropolitan city ward no. 8, 10, 17




Environmental and Bird/wildlife Hazard Management and raise awareness for aviation safety Promoted by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAA Nepal)

http://www.worldbirdstrike.com/IBSC/Athens/IBSC27%20WPVI-7.p df

Presentation in the World Birdstrike Association Conference 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Part 1 and Part 2

Organized by the World Bird Strike Association (WBA) and supported by the Ministry of Transport and Military Aviation Authority of The Netherlands and being convened in the auditorium of the Royal Navy in Amsterdam

In the 21st century Airport Authority should adopt reliable measures techniques to avoid the potential threat ………………..

According to ICAO definition of a 13km radius circle around the airport perimeter where bird attractants or related bird activity have the Potential threat to the operational safety of aircraft, regretfully TIA is closed to the communities however TIA lacking avian and wildlife radar to detect the birds in a cloudy, rainy or even in the dark hours around airport vicinity…………………




A flock of 10 migrating Bar Headed Geese collided with the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737–800 at TIA, carrying 180 passengers, close to touch down, at 17:17 PM on 21st……..



Presentation in the International Bird Strike Committee Meeting 2005 Athens, Greece

Organized by the International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC) and supported by the Hellenic Air Force and Athens International Airport

The geographical situations of the TIA are very critical during the airlines landing and takeoff time. The 3 K.M. radius of TIA are forests, rivers, garbage and waste dumping site and human settlement of farming and livestock, restaurants, open slaughter houses……………….


approximately 500 meter from the runway of TIA, 30 meter close to the community, Sita Air Dornier 228;-200; 9N-AHA; Flight 601, crashes within two minutes after the take-off, 3 crew and 16 passengers burns inside the aircraft, deceased 7 Nepali (including crew), 7 British, 4 Chinese and 1 American citizen. British Prime Minister David Cameron called the crash “a horrific incident”…………………..



Captain Vijay Lama and Ram Mani Thapaliya in TOUGH talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak-19.f4v about aviation safety in Nepal










Live Interview with Ram Mani Thapaliya @ News 24 tv. on Issue of the day on the day of Sita Dornier 601 crash on 28th September 2012 about aviation safety in Nepal



Biography Part I

Researcher/ Writer/ Article Contributor/ Activist and Bird Strike Mitigation Leadership and International Relations