Capacity Building International Network – CBIN

(A social starts up organization for improvements of human and environmental well being)

Capacity-building Initiative for Airport Environmental Assessment and Awareness Programme

Few words from National Programme Coordinator Mr. Ram Mani Thapaliya

The summer 21st of my life took a leadership path in a Cleaning Movement of Youth turned in to a NGO leadership for research and development in 1995. In 2002, I got an opportunity to conduct a study ‘Achievement of Agenda 21 in regards to Role of Nepal in Rio + 10 in support of IUCN Nepal and UNDP initiated Sustainable Community Development Program – SCDP of National Planning Commission in order to facilitate then Government of Nepal to prepare Country Report to present in the World Summit for Sustainable Development – WSSD. Since, I have been enrolled in the global practices of sustainable development programs. In particular I am leading the ‘Capacity-building Initiative for Airport Environmental Assessment and Awareness Program’ at and around Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and other major airports of Nepal to offer safety for passengers on board and ground communities as well as public awareness in the community. Since May 14, 2017, I have been working as Interim Board Member of World Birdstrike Association (WBA) South Asia Region – volunteer. In Nepal, I am working as National Program Coordinator of Capacity Building International Network – CBIN since 2007. Also I am engaged in other organizations as partner/consultant/adviser.


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Capacity-building International Network Pvt. Ltd. drew up its curtains in the year 2007 with aim to provide the Study, Research, Consultancy, Public awareness and Advocacy related to Environmental Policy, Environmental Sanitation, Wildlife Hazard Management, Aviation Safety and sustainability in coordination with local municipality, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA Nepal) and National Bird-strike committee.


Study, Research and Consultancy –

To assist CAA Nepal/National Bird-strike Committee for Environmental and Bird/wildlife hazard Management Programme of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA Nepal)

Public awareness –

Environmental deterioration check and creating sanitary awareness to improve human and environmental well-being

Advocacy –

To implement National Environmental Policy for environmental sustainability aviation ground and improvement of environmental health of ground community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)